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About this Course

PSDF and HBL have designed an Entrepreneurship course to help you understand the requirements on your journey to starting a business of your own. Our course will cover all the basics you need to know about laying down the groundwork and executing your business idea. From planning to launching to managing your business, this course will assist you throughout and equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to not only start your own business venture but also sustain and expand its operations.

What key skills and knowledge will you gain?

After the successful completion of the course, you will understand effective market research as well as identifying potential business opportunities. Also, this course will allow you to efficiently manage finances, supply chain and plan ahead for your business venture. Moreover, it will refine your ability to create and pitch a comprehensive and detailed business proposal, in a proper way.

How can this help individuals interested in launching their own startups?

The course titled ‘Entrepreneurship’ will greatly assist you in identifying business opportunities, establishing a legal status of the business, creating a financial identity of the business and finally, being able to create a detailed and sound business plan in order to apply for the “Kamyab Jawan” Loan Scheme with HBL.

Key objectives of PSDF in designing this?

PSDF believes in uplifting you, the youth of Pakistan and giving you the necessary skills training to find sustainable income generating opportunities.

PSDF co-created this course with HBL to assist you in pitching a solid and strategic business plan to be eligible to secure the loan under the “Kamyab Jawan” scheme.

Training Outcome:

After successful completion of Course, Trainees will be able to:

Identify Potential Business Opportunities & related SWOT

Establish a legal status of Business

Create financial identity of Business

Write a Business Plan to apply under the loan schemes (Kamyab Jawan & Women Refinancing Scheme).

Approx. 1 week to complete



Course fee

PKR 1000/-

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course




Key Topics: Market Research, Idea Identification, Unique Value Proposition, Cost & Pricing, Funding, Risk Mitigation.

Outcome: Identify Business Opportunity & SWOT analysis.




Key Topics: Business Name, Registration, Business Bank Account, Business Location, Organization Structure, Channelize Funding.

Outcome: Establish a legal status and financial identity of business.



Launch and Manage

Key Topics: Establish a legal status and financial identity of business.

Outcome: Write and structure a business plan to be able to apply for loan under Kamyab Jawan Scheme.




Key Topics: Get more funding, Plan Expansion and Keeping an Eye on the Competition.

Outcome: Growth Orientation.